Le savoir faire

Our family creates, conceives and makes leather goods since 1907.

From my great grand-father’s workshop in Saint Mandé, to my grand-father’s in Paris and finally our manufacture in Champagne, 4 generations have succeeded one another to extend our know-how.

We have always privileged the technical quality of our production, bringing our expertise and benefiting from the trust of most French and international luxury brands since the beginning.

Today, we wish to offer you our vision and share with you the passion of our trade.


LATHAM is a compliment to the pioneers of a new world : the voyage as the 20th century as revolutionised it.

In a few decades since the advent of commercial jets, the world has shrunk.

A century ago, the adventure of aviation begun, and we would travel with our trunks by boat around the world during weeks.


Today, a few hours are enough to make a tour of the world.


The essence of the brand is inspired by this innovative spirit: our concern is the technical performance and the quality of the construction without which no development can be done in aerospace.


From the canvas and wood wing to today’s composite material aerofoils, the world has shrunk.

As well, the materials that we can work have drastically changed: that’s why we offer you the LATHAM pieces, the best of our technical know-howallied to a centennial tradition.


Each product has been developed in this concern of technical perfection and authenticity.

We haven’t made any compromise on the quality of our products, no concept marketing, nor superfluities effect : each matter, each component has been conceived and used without any concession.

We have wanted them reliable and durable.

Two philosophies for a line intended for wandering use, modern and functional as nostalgic as an era when travelling was an adventure:



The traditional leather, full flower, candle touch, natural grain, thick, rich and sensual. Smell it! Our leather smells like the leather from a century ago. Like your favourite leather jacket, this leather will age and will take a unique sheen, testimony of your experiences.



The carbon fibre, symbol of the utmost modern technology is the antithesis, soft finishing, ultra light, but traditionally made, it will not undergo any deterioration in time



Ultralight, this urethan plastic fabric is used to cover the luggage containers of airplanes  : strong, waterproof and light. The textured and reinforced structure make it indestructible


For these three matters, the same technical concern :


Each angle is bevelled: it’s not a style, is technically justified: a bevelled angle is much more

resistant to

brasion than a right angle, and less encumbering than a rounded one.

It’s a detail, but each of our pieces responds to the same spirit of perfection.

Each metallic piece is made of massive brass steel, aluminium or massive brass. Covered with Ruthenium plating and polished.

Each of the zippers’ slides are extra-thin, manufactured specifically, they have a paramount utility: they don’t damage your clothes.


The inner part : washable, light and everlasting. Have you had enough of the bags stained by a burst tooth paste tube or a leaking pen? Our reinforced nylon linings, the same that others use

for the exterior of their bags, of high quality and washable of course.


The pockets are multiple, zipped with a rubber finishing in order to avoid scratching when your hand is passing, they are never an element of design but they respond to a function for each piece.


The handles are flat with rounded borders: compact for small hands and comfort preserved with gripping: the best amongst the flat classics and the round handles voluminous.

Our shoulder-belts are airplane (or car) safety beltsTry them! They are indestructible.

An exclusivity: the back strip allows the passage of your trolley handle and it can even be used as a pocket at the same time (always accessible even on a trolley!) for your ticket or passport. Extra flat zip in order to avoid obstruction while carrying.


We invite you to share and discover our creations